Your financial story holds the key to building a great business.

We're here to help you unlock it.

We help business owners solve real world problems using financial information. Whether you're building an empire or the lifestyle business of your dreams, you need an expert financial storyteller.


One financial team, many facets.

Everything that goes into telling your financial story.

Coaching & Advising

Your financial story is as unique to your business as your problems and goals. That's why we provide regular insights into how your finances relate to real-world issues and your plans for the future, creating actionable strategies and insights.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Timely information is the key to understanding the state of your company. We believe in proactive bookkeeping rather than reactive correction, so we reconcile your books monthly to ensure your story remains consistent and clear.

Business Budgeting

Similar to common personal financial wisdom, your business should operate with a clear budget. Our accounting team helps create and implement a budget that works for your business while still fueling the growth that you want to see.

Forecasting & Projections

Historical financial information allows you to see future possibilities. Using your financial story, our team creates projections that measure how close you are to your goals and identify what you need to change to reach them.

Sales Analysis

When selling your services, conducting ongoing financial analysis brings new confidence and clarity. Analyzing your current sales, pricing, and payment models makes your business's growth patterns and improvement areas clear.

Accounting System Creation

The foundation of every financial story is an excellent accounting system. Our expert team either constructs a new system within QuickBooks for you or adjusts your current accounting system to tell a clear and concise narrative.

Payroll Administration

Payroll is at the heart of every small business, but navigating the process often feels confusing. Our payroll team will set you up with a Gusto account and manage the entire operation for you.

Expense Tracking

As your team grows, so do your expenses. Our accounting team not only tracks all of your business expenses through QuickBooks but is also well-versed in employee expense tracking platforms like Expensify to ensure that your team is always on the same page.

Bill Pay

Paying vendors can often feel like a burden. With dedicated support from our accounting team, you'll never have to worry about missing a bill payment again.

Ready to unlock clarity and confidence in your financial story?

Let's create the confidence you deserve to run your business. Together, we can understand your financial story, help you reach your goals, and bring clarity to your business.


Meet Your Team

Photo of Jeremy Millar CEO of Amarlo, Inc.

Jeremy Millar, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

A creative entrepreneur from a young age, Jeremy Millar ran a portrait photography business out of his childhood home in Washington state. After graduating high school, Jeremy moved to Orange County, California, with a dream to help other business owners flourish. Jeremy completed a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and subsequently a Master's degree in Business Administration both from Biola University. It was in his college days that Jeremy discovered a massive need for greater financial confidence among business owners of all types. He began working on the idea that would eventually become Amarlo in late 2019, ultimately founding the business with Austin in late 2020. Jeremy resides in Orange County with his wife, Hayley.

Photo of Austin Braunschweiger, CFO of Amarlo, Inc.

Austin Braunschweiger

Chief Financial Officer, Co-Founder

Austin grew up the son of a business-owning family in the Coachella Valley. He received his Bachelor's in Accounting from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. Austin spent the first few years of his career working in several accounting roles which gave him a unique and comprehensive understanding of how accounting systems and financial statements work together to tell a story. After a year of working at RED Digital Cinema (an industry leading camera manufacturing company), Austin transitioned into the Chief Financial Officer role during his co-founding of Amarlo. Austin has pioneered the practice of Financial Storytelling and has been able to provide key financial insights to all of the businesses he works with at Amarlo. Austin can be found in Orange County with his wife, Sarah, and his two dogs: Cooper and Teddy.

We help business owners discover more about their companies.

Amarlo is a business advisory firm that helps small-to-medium-sized service business owners develop confidence and clarity in their financial story through accounting, payroll, and financial analysis.

From solo photographers to large mortgage brokerages, we go beyond simple bookkeeping with meaningful analysis, a high level of service, and a close, reliable partnership for your business.


of value tracked.


transactions categorized.


of stories told.

We make our own story public
with a purpose.

One of the least talked about aspects of starting a new business is shockingly one of the most universal: the struggle in getting it off the ground.

So, we created a video series, "NGMI," or "Not Gonna Make It," to show young entrepreneurs the reality of building a business from the ground up. We share our struggles each week and give practical advice about overcoming the challenges plaguing business owners.

We want you to be a part of the community, too.

Video thumbnails from Amarlo's NGMI video series.