Why Starting a Business Can Feel Like a Job

March 18, 2022

Almost everyone that starts a small business is looking to change or augment their lifestyle in some way. Whether you're looking to just make some more cash on the side, trying to build a business that only requires you to work 10 hours a week, or creating an empire, your lifestyle will change along the way.

Unfortunately for most business owners, that lifestyle change is a lot harder to achieve than it seems.

It's possible, though, to achieve that sense of freedom that you were chasing in the beginning! You absolutely can create the lifestyle that you're looking for in your business, you just need to redefine how you work. The possibilities for how your business can grow and provide for you and others are truly endless!

New Business? Nope, Just Another Job

Think about it: you started a business by yourself (or with a partner) and now you're responsible for everything. From accounting to sales to marketing and HR, you're it. There are so many tasks that come with building a business! While it can be helpful to break them down and identify what needs to get done, in those early stages, it can be overwhelming.

That's because you're not a full-blown company yet; your new business is simply a big new job! One that you own completely.

We all have limits to what we can accomplish by ourselves. Our businesses have a funny way of testing and teasing out those limits to greater lengths. While the potential of starting a new business is boundless, you can only get so far on your own! How do you go from owning your job to scaling up a business? When do you hire other people? How do you start building towards the goals that you started this business to achieve?

You Need the Right People and The Right People Need You

Growing a company is a constant balancing act. On one hand, you have to bring in new business in order to make more money. On the other, you have to hire or outsource work to ensure that you can support new customers those new customers! You're constantly balancing sales with service capacity.

When it comes to generating more sales and hiring to help you service new customers, you need to reach the right people.

Who are the "right people" anyway, and how do they help you grow your business?

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Finding The Right Customers

Well, when it comes to sales, the right people are your ideal clients. These are the customers whom your product was designed for in the first place. The ones with a problem that you can solve so perfectly, they'll never need anyone else.

The "right people" are customers that you can turn into raving ambassadors for your business. Ideal clients open up new referral circles and create new business for you by talking about your services to others.

Looking at a list of current customers can be helpful in identifying where to find more people like them. Ask where they go for information and how they found you in the first place! This can be a huge revelation and can often lead to finding additional customers just like them.

Hiring The Right Staff

When it comes to hiring the "right people", you first need to start by asking three questions:

  1. What's the most impactful thing you as the business owner could be doing to grow the business?
  2. What's keeping you from completing that task?
  3. What kind of role could you hire to take that task off of your plate?

From there, finding the "right person" is largely about the personality. If you have a non-technical job that needs to be done, someone with a great personality fit and no experience can easily be trained! Building your company's culture starts early on, so a fantastic personality fit is a must.

Once you've got a system for finding the right customers and hiring the right people, scaling becomes a bit less intimidating. The balancing act of matching your service capacity with sales begins to get a little easier when you're able to focus on the right tasks. Suddenly, your business begins to feel like it has a bit more potential; you feel confidence and clarity once again!

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Jeremy Millar
Written by:
Jeremy Millar

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